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Information about the feedback service

On this page, you can find instructions on submitting feedback and problem reports.


Through the feedback channel, you can send feedback, improvement suggestions or questions about the city's operations and services. All feedback will be read and used to improve the city.

As the feedback service does not currently use strong authentication, you should not include personal identification numbers, bank account numbers, asset information, or sensitive information such as state of health or social security status. For data protection reasons, it is not possible to send a personal reply to such feedback. Your feedback will be communicated to the parties concerned.

The risk of delivery of an electronic message is borne by the sender (Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector 13/2003, section 8). If a deadline has been set for the delivery of a document, the sender shall be responsible for meeting that deadline (Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003, section 17). Accordingly, no statutory reminders, complaints or demands for rectification of decisions are to be sent as feedback messages. Please use the secure link below if your feedback contains the above information:

Report a problem

Please note this when reporting a problem
Report urgent matters by phone to the Urban Environment Division's customer service, tel.: +358 9 310 22111 Report life-threatening problems to the emergency number 112.

Through the problem report channel, you can send a report when a location requires repairs or maintenance. Problem reports may be related to, for example, streets, parks, broken traffic signs, cleanliness, parking control, snow ploughing or temporary traffic arrangements.

We will forward problem reports to contractors and traffic wardens as directly as possibly in order to fix the problems.

How to give feedback or send a problem report

Choose a subject

Choose a topic, for example Childhood education and teaching, and a subject, for example Early childhood education, for your feedback or problem report. Your selection will help us direct your feedback to the right place quickly.

If you cannot find the service you are looking for or are unsure of what to select, choose Other. We will direct your feedback to the right place.

Enter location

Be as precise with the location as possible if the feedback or problem report concerns a specific location, address or branch. You must enter a location when submitting a problem report so we can, for example, locate the pothole in the road.

Describe in your own words

Write feedback in your own words or give necessary additional information about the problem.

If your feedback contains sensitive information, such as details on your health, and you wish you to receive a personal reply, you will be instructed to discuss the matter by phone or in person in a branch.

Please do not submit legal notices, complaints or appeals through the feedback channel. Send messages of an official nature to the City of Helsinki Registry Office,

Add an image

You can add attachments to your feedback or problem report. Please consider adding an image of the problem. An image helps us assess the repair needs and locate the problem. The maximum total file size of the images is 50 MB.

Give publication permission

If you wish, you can give us permission to publish the feedback or problem report and related attachments and replies. We read the feedback and check the attachments before publication. We will not publish messages that contain personal data or those that are offensive.

We publish feedback and problem reports with publication permission on our website as open data. We also publish attachments and the city's replies for the use of all residents.

The subject (for example "Early childhood education" or "Pothole in the road"), location and date received of all feedback and problem reports will be published automatically regardless of publication permissions. By publishing these details quickly, we aim to let people know that the issue has already been reported.

All information in feedback related to social and health care services and the rescue department is protected and even the subject, location or date received will not be published.

The publication feature of the feedback system will go live later.

Send feedback or problem report

When you send us feedback or a problem report, let us know if you wish to receive a personal reply. We will do our best to respond within a week. Sometimes several experts need to be consulted, which means that replying may take longer.

Enter your email address if you wish to receive a reply or want updates on the processing status of the feedback. You will receive a tracking link for the feedback or problem report to your email. The tracking link takes you to the tracking page where you can see the status of the request. You will receive a notification in your email once you receive a reply.

You can also send a new message on the tracking page, e.g. a follow-up question related to your feedback. Sending a new message is possible for 2 months after receiving a reply.

Please consider entering your phone number when submitting a problem report. We might call you to request additional information.

You can submit feedback and problem reports anonymously, but we will not be able to contact you.

Thank you for wanting to give us feedback and help further develop the city.

We take all feedback into account and use it to improve Helsinki and make it more functional for all residents.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between feedback and a problem report?

Feedback can be related to any operations of the city. Problem reports always have a location in addition to the actual problem and they usually concern built-up areas, such as streets, parks or incorrectly parked cars.

Can I submit feedback anonymously?

Yes, you can. However, you will not receive a personal reply to your feedback.

How will I receive a reply to my feedback?

If you have entered your email address when submitting feedback, you will receive a message when you receive a reply or a request to provide additional information. The message contains a link to the feedback tracking page.

How do I send a follow-up message?

The message you receive has a link to a tracking page where you can send additional information or send a follow-up message for two months. After this, the message chain will be closed. You can always send new feedback through the feedback portal. Please do not forward this link.

Why can't I see my feedback on the tracking page and get a reply?

If your feedback contains sensitive information such as health data, its visibility is limited for data protection reasons, and you cannot be sent personal reply via the feedback service. Your feedback will be communicated to the parties concerned.

The feedback service will introduce strong authentication by summer 2023. We can then respond to feedback containing sensitive information from the authenticated feedback provider via the feedback service.

How do I know if my feedback has been published?

The publication feature of the feedback system will go live later. You will not receive a separate message when the feedback is published but you can see the publication status on the tracking page. Only feedback with a publication permission will be published.

What are the alternative ways to submit feedback?

You can send feedback by post to the City of Helsinki Registry Office:
City of Helsinki
Registry Office
P.O. Box 10
Each division also has its own address that you can send feedback to. You can give feedback by phone to e.g. Helsinki-info, tel. 09 310 11111 and the Urban Environment Division's customer service, tel. 09 310 22111.

How does the city make use of the feedback?

Feedback will be used in various ways, such as by making summaries and discussing them in management teams. Activity and service planners, for example, have found feedback text analysis useful. Improvement suggestions are especially welcome since they often offer concrete solutions to problems. Problem reports submitted by residents are important because they help us address harmful and hazardous obstacles and faults quickly.


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